The battle of the mind

  • Life throws everything at us. The good, the bad and the ugly. To win in life or to lose; it starts from the mind.

  • Dominique, a homeless American lady, wrote this:

  • "I remember the first few days and weeks of homelessness I thought I was going to lose my mind because I could not take a shower. Previously, I was a woman who would close the front door, kick my shoes off, and head for the shower within 4 minutes 57 seconds after I got home from work.

  • But now, the sensation of dirt, sweat, and other people's germs has enveloped me. And there's nothing I can do about it. One day, after washing my hands, forearms, and neck, I noticed my attitude changed. I was happy. Also, I finally admitted the truth: A shower was not in my future.

  • I was going to have to be creative and find another way to clean my body. So I used my food stamps to buy large bottles of water. I collected soap from the ladies room at department stores and local churches gave shampoo samples. I got a plastic bowl from the thrift store. At 1:00 A.M., I sneaked into a back courtyard of an elementary school. This seclusion assured my privacy. Every inch of my body was touched by soap and water.

  • Also, I maintained my appearance so much so that most people did not believe I was homeless. I carried a tiny bottle of liquid laundry detergent to keep my clothes clean. For a select few, my presentation made them angry. I seemed relatively prosperous. They thought I was running a scam. I visited the places I used to go. For instance, there's a mall for rich people down the street. Gucci, Saks Fifth Avenue and bakeries that sell a slice of cake for $8 were housed there. Passageways lead to million-dollar condos.

  • I'd save up all week to buy Starbucks coffee -- a whopping $3. I'd bring my own lunch. I'd sit there and savor every sip as I watched wealthy people laugh and engage in witty conversations. Window shopping sparked my imagination as I pictured the life I was going to have again. The atmosphere was filled with opulence.

  • People thought I was not dealing with reality. They wondered why I was acting like I had money when everyone knew I was “the broke homeless woman.” But I refuse to succumb to poverty. I was not born that way. So why should I just lay down and claim it now? Hell no! I'm fighting it with everything I've got!

  • Years passed. I discovered that I had been on the right track with my mentality and practices. However, I needed to hone my skills and take it to the next level. Positive thinking and the Law of Attraction are the foundation for breaking free from abject poverty. Wishing, hoping, blaming others, and complaining are passive, useless activities. They're quagmires that will ensnare you and keep you entrenched in scarcity. EVERYTHING starts with a thought, an Intention. Do you intend to be poor?

  • If, regardless of your current circumstances, you think you are poor and there's nothing you can do about it, you feed your mind negative thoughts and send out negative vibrations that return to you more negativity.

  • But if you CHOOSE to think and FEEL financial prosperity, you send out positive vibes, and they too are returned to you. Just repeatedly saying “I am a money magnet and am attracting wealth now" or “I deserve to be happy and so it is" and “My mind is at peace" and “I'm a powerful overcomer” can change things.

  • No one knows a homeless person's real story. It's really no one else's business. Do whatever YOU need to do to feel normal."

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