About us

Our History

Royal Family Multipurpose Cooperative Society  (ROFAM-CS) is a voluntary business association of  like minds who shared a common root: They are business-minded alumni, and by extension spouses of alumni of Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES-CU) of the Federal University of Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. For the purpose of clarity and emphasis, ROFAM-CS is a jointly-owned independent enterprise of individuals. It does not belong to any fellowship, and it shall not trade with the name of any fellowship whatsoever. 

Our Vision

We have come together voluntarily to collectively meet our economic, social, and cultural needs through cooperative principles and practices. By pooling our resources, both financial and human, and working collectively, members of ROFAM-CS and their families can access various economic benefits, which are transferable to preferred next of kin. 

Our Future & Structure

To ensure long-term success and growth,  we shall periodically review our investment direction to guide our decision-making process. Internally, we shall assess regularly our unique selling proposition, core competencies, and financial position, as well as market trends, regulatory requirements, changes, among others. Every member of the cooperative is the owner and direct beneficiary of its enterprise, and each member has an equal say in the decision-making process.



The God Factor

On the basis of our root, we are committed to uprightness,  transparency and integrity driven by the fear of God in all our business undertakings. 


Diverse Professionals Synergy

We are a group of professionals with robust experience in management, agriculture, investment banking and sustainable project financing.


Socioeconomic Wellbeing

We shall focus on improving the socio-economic conditions of our members while promoting future self-reliance.


WhatsApp Image 2023-07-14 at 11.05.59
Sade Olawale

Finance Expert

wale folarin 2
Wale Folarin

Sustainability Specialist

Ade Atekoja
Ade Atekoja

Agric. Entrepreneur

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-23 at 11.37.03
Lekan Olatunji

Investment Specialist


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